Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Just Released - Bundle Packs of Book Titles

It's going to be an 

of Sizzling Romance to help Warm your cold Winter Nights. Or how about adding some extra Heat to your Steamy Summer 
That's right ... Momentum Publishing have gotten together with the Hot Downunder Authors and put together FOUR delicious packs of Short  Stories for your selection.
Romance from most genres - Medieval/Fantasy, Historical, Contemporary, Magical, Fantasy & Ménage.
And all intent on sizzling your senses

AND they are available NOW!!!

You can find out more about these titles here at Momentum Books
Momentum Moonlight

For your chance to win A BUNDLE connect HERE on Facebook

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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Cover Reveal for the New Bundles of HDU Stories

..... may we have a drum roll please..... ♪ budder ...budder ... budder .....buddder ♪....

At last we can REVEAL the New Covers for the FOUR HOT DOWNUNDER BUNDLES
Release DAY   27th May 2014
Published by Momentum Books

No  1

Rhian Cahill
Beverley Oakley
Kasey Channing

No  2

Mel Teshco
Shona Husk
Tracey O'Hara

No  3

Kylie Scott
Rhyll Biest
Cate Ellink
Keziah Hill

N o  4

Lexxie Couper

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Hot Downunder Authors Donate For A Good Cause

 The Auction for the BEST basket of E-BOOKS EVER is NOW LIVE!!

                     Online Auction to benefit Diabetes Research: BrendaNovakForTheCure.org
That's right, here's your chance to bid on a whole heap of books donated by more than a few wonderful Aussie Writers.
 Thanks to the hard work by the lovely  Christina Phillips   a large bunch of us Australian writers donated some of their favourite books to this worthwhile cause.


This is the 9th Annual On-Line Auction for Diabetes Research New York Best Seller Author - Brenda Novak has held.
Follow the links to find out more details and how to sign up if you'd like to put in a bid.

And if you want to know more about the auction go here: Brenda Novak - Auction for Diabetes

To take a look at the Basket of E-Books on behalf of the Historical Hearts Group click the link  HERE

So go check out these Hot Titles from the Hot Downunder Authors.  

Also in the basket is a magnificent collection of Romance Titles that cover most Genres. Historical, Sci-Fi, Paranormal, Outback, Erotic & Spicy & Contemporary Reads. Something for everyone  OR Everything for some-one lucky Bidder!!

I'd like to acknowledge the support of ALL the Authors who made the donation basket, from the Historical Hearts RWA group of Writers, such a marvellous item to bid for.

Tamara Gill     Erin Grace ,    Maggi Andersen    Carol Hoggart    Euphrasia Holmes    Alison Stuart 
Jo Duncan   Suzi Love    S E Gilchrist  Catherine Evans   Kylie Scott   Marianne Theresa  Beverley Oakley 
Annie Seaton    Keziah Hill    Mel Teshco    Rhian Cahill    Nicole Hurley-Moore    Rhyll Biest    Shona Husk   Tracey O'Hara

There is also A virtual Gift Basket of Critiques for Writers from HERE

This basket Includes:
**From developmental & copy editor Annie Seaton:
1 10-page edit
**From author Erin Grace
One 3-Chapter Critique
**From author Euphraisa Holmes
1 10-page edit.

Thanks Ladies :))


Monday, 17 March 2014

We're getting HOT again

Don't be too shocked if you see this new post on HotDownUnder. We know it's been a while. And although we've been very quiet of late, we've all been busy behind the scenes. And we're going to get hot again...soon!

It's scary how fast things change. Since we've been here last, lots of people have had new books, some have been nominated for awards, others have won awards, some made best seller lists, and we've all been penning words (or typing them!).

Here's some of the things we've been doing and if you're interested in any of the books, if you click on the person's name, you should get more information through their personal website.

Beverley Oakley - released 2 books Her Gilded Prison and Dangerous Gentlemen

CT Green - released 2 volumes of the SERA files books, which are paranormal romance.

Cate Ellink - released The Virginity Mission

Kasey Channing - working hard

Keziah Hill - working hard and organising a conference

Kylie Scott - went from the apocalypse with Flesh and Skin, via the stars with The Colonist's Wife, to rock star status with Lick and we await Play.
Lexxie Couper - fitness fanatic and still producing masses of books, available now are A Single Knight and Lead Me On.

Marianne Theresa - working hard and travelling

Mel Teshco - Abducting The Princess is the latest paranormal erotic romance, and Mel has branched into a story a little inspirational, Believe.

Rhian Cahill - Catch 'n' Kiss is hot off the e-press, and Sand, Surf and Sunnie is out in print.

Rhyll Biest - some Russian swingers appear in Risk, and there's a Paranormal Erotica story too.

SE Gilchrist - Star Pirate's Justice, Storm of Fire, Dance in the Outback, Awakening the Warriors, The Portal, Bound By Lies, Legend Beyond the Stars and Bound by Love.

Shona Husk - Lunar Reunion, Temptation in a Bottle, Lord of The Hunt, Outcast Prince, Ruby's Ghost, Lunar Exposure, Dark Secrets... makes me exhausted!

Tracey O'Hara - working on new stories, and teaching some erotic writing workshops.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Confessions of an Erotic Romance Writer

smiley embarrassed
I don’t tell many people what I write. It makes some people squirm. Others react negatively (often vocally with abuse that I think is uncalled for and unwarranted). But yesterday I had the best reaction from people.

My aunt knows about my writing. I was visiting her. She asked about it, in front of a cousin who didn’t know. I had to confess that not everyone knew my habit. My cousin was shocked but laughed (in an embarrassed, OMG way). My aunt asked why I’d told her. It’s because she’s always been forthright, open in what she discusses and thinks. I’ve always admired this openness about her (openness and humour, a great mix). She was pleased.

My aunt had been in a job for years where everyone was around the same age. Then she had to change jobs. She was now one of the “oldies”. She said it shocked her that the younger girls would be talking about something and giggling, then when she came in, all went quiet. If she made flippant/sex-related remarks, they all tittered like she said something wrong. She realised she’d become “a grandma” and they didn’t think she should know these things. I didn’t know about this until yesterday. At about this time, I told her about my writing, she said it made her feel good that I didn’t think her staid and old-fashioned.

During the conversation that ensued, my cousin’s hubby supplied the name of a film-star my aunt couldn’t remember… for films not from Hollywood usually with a rating of at least one X. My cousin nearly fell off the chair. More of that OMG laughter, blushing, hands across mouth. But when no one else was horrified, the conversation continued as if there was no embarrassment. We conversed about sex in a normal manner – no personal conversations, just films and books.

It was refreshing. Refreshing to be with open-minded people in the majority, who carried on a conversation without having to squirm, abuse, or die of shame. It was amazing to have such a reaction, to feel unashamed, to discuss openly.

It made me wonder if I’d cheated others of such a discussion. Have I invented “grandmas” who would be open to my writing but I’ve kept it away from them, making them feel old and left out?

I know I haven’t told my Book Group. Some of them would be very supportive. Maybe I should be a big girl and own up to my writing. What’s a little more abuse or embarrassment anyway!?